Updated 10/20/2020 

Here at Lundins we have been working hard to put together a safe and effective plan for making our high quality Christmas trees available for this winter.  We are following the recommendations set forth by the New York State Department of Health.

Before Arriving

If anyone in your party has displayed any COVID-19 related symptoms of illness within the past 14 days please stay away from the farm. Our goal is to keep everyone safe.


This year we will not be welcoming pets at the farm.


We require that all visitors have a mask and wear it at all times. Please respect our employees and the other customers while at our farm. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible, so please help us out and mask up.


Our parking lots can get crowded at times. Please try your best to social distance. Please follow the direction of our dedicated parking lot staff.


Saws will still be available for customers to use use. After each use, saws will be placed in a “dirty saw” bin before they are sanitized and are ready for use.

Fields/Pre-Cut areas

In any of our pre-cut or Choose and Harvest locations please practice social distancing.

Wreath and Decorations tent

We will still offer wreaths, kissing balls, and other decorations this year. We ask that only 1 family member at a time pass through the tent. Our tent will have a directional path. Please follow the signs and pass through the tent in only one direction.

Payment table

Only one individual from your party will be allowed to come to the payment table. We will accept cash, check, and credit card. Our payment table will be sanitized between every transaction.

Tree Tie-on

We strongly recommend that customers will tie on their own trees.